Using information from scientific sources and regulatory agencies, Scorecard provides listings of the chemicals that can cause cancer, harm the immune system, contribute to birth defects, or lead to any of nine other types of health impacts. Chemicals whose health hazards are widely recognized by authoritative scientific organizations are separated from chemicals whose health hazards are suspected on the basis of more limited data.

Lists are available for 12 different adverse health effects. Select "recognized" or "suspected" to retrieve a list of the chemicals that are associated with a specific health effect. For each chemical on a list, Scorecard links to a comprehensive profile and summarizes the scientific reference(s) that document that chemical's association with a health hazard.


Developmental Toxicity

Reproductive Toxicity

Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicity

Endocrine Toxicity

Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicity


Kidney Toxicity

Musculoskeletal Toxicity


Respiratory Toxicity

Skin or Sense Organ Toxicity