POLLUTION LOCATOR|Which Toxic Chemicals Are Covered By TRI?

EPCRA Section 313 requires manufacturers to report releases of about 650 listed toxic chemicals or chemical categories. The current TRI list is available from Scorecard. EPA has the authority to add and delete compounds from the TRI list, and tracks changes to the TRI reporting universe.

A chemical or chemical category qualifies for TRI reporting under EPCRA if it can reasonably be anticipated to cause:

1) Significant adverse acute health effects at concentrations likely beyond facility boundaries, or

2) Cancer, teratogenic effects, reproductive effects, neurological effects, heritable genetic mutations or other chronic health effects in humans, or

3) Significant adverse effects on the environment because of its toxicity, persistence or bioaccumulation potential

EPA has never systematically reviewed available environmental health data to ascertain how many chemicals actually meet these TRI criteria and should be subject to TRI's reporting requirements. The 650 substances currently covered by TRI represent less than 1% of the over 75,000 chemicals manufactured in the U.S. according to EPA's Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory.