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Clean Water Act Status: Lower Chesapeake Bay Watershed
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    0%         50%         100%

    Number of Impaired Waterbodies (as reported by the state):

    NOTE: Data limitations affect the accuracy of these rankings.

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  • 1998 Clean Water Act Status
    Lower Chesapeake Bay contains a portion of 5 counties:
    MATHEWS County, VA
    POQUOSON (CITY) County, VA
    Percentage of Surface Waters with Reported Problems (state + EPA data): Data not available
    There are no waterbodies with reported problems associated with this watershed

    Assessed Use Most Frequently Impaired:  Assessed use information not available

    Priority for Regulation     Number of Waterbodies
    Targeted 0
    High 0
    Medium 0
    Low 0
    Not Assessed for TMDL Priority 0
    Not Reported to US EPA for TMDL Priority 0
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  • Leading Pollutants/Stressors of Surface Waters
    Impairment cause data not available
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  • Leading Sources of Water Quality Problems
    Impairment cause data not available
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