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Clean Water Act Status: Rock Creek Watershed: Impoundment, Lake Needwood
  • 1998 Clean Water Act Status
    Waterbody Name: Rock Creek Watershed: Impoundment, Lake Needwood
    EPA Waterbody ID: MD-980048_02140206-1998
    Waterbody Type Classification: Lakes, Reservoirs, and Ponds
    Size: n/a

    Watershed(s) in which Rock Creek Watershed: Impoundment, Lake Needwood is located:
    Middle Potomac-Anacostia-Occoquan

    Status of Designated Beneficial Use(s)
    Beneficial Use Support Status
    Not Reported Not Reported

    TMDL Development Priority: Low
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  • Leading Pollutants/Stressors of Surface Waters
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  • Leading Sources of Water Quality Problems
    Nonpoint Sources
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