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Send an email to the NORTH DAKOTA governor about the importance of testing and medical care for poor children vulnerable to lead poisoning. Demand that your state step up its efforts to identify and treat children with harmful lead levels in their blood.

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Governor John Hoeven

I have just reviewed data on lead poisoning in our state as 
shown on the Environmental Defense Scorecard website, and I 
am concerned about the vulnerability of our state's neediest 
children to this disease. 

I learned that poor children living in older housing are at 
especially high risk of lead poisoning. Children with 
elevated blood levels may suffer reduced intelligence, loss 
of attention span, and learning difficulties that make it 
harder for them to learn in school and grow into productive 

That families struggling in poverty must also cope with this 
threat to their children's health is a tragic injustice. I 
understand that federal law requires that children eligible 
for Medicaid be tested for lead poisoning, but that many 
children are not tested (as documented in the 1999 General 
Accounting Office report, "Lead Poisoning".) I request 
information about the screening rate here in our state.

Testing and treating these children is essential to ensuring 
their ability to learn and thrive. Testing is also a critical 
tool in preventing the poisoning of additional children, 
because it helps identify neighborhoods with large or 
unexpected lead problems that should be targeted for 
activities to remove lead hazards. 

I am counting on your leadership on behalf of our children 
and look forward to your response on this matter. 

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