POLLUTION LOCATOR| Superfund | Threats and Contaminants

EPA ID:      NJD002173276

Ground water underlying the area is highly contaminated with various VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCS) such as BENZENE, CHLOROBENZENE, ETHYLBENZENE, XYLENE, and metals from site production activities. Sludges and soils sampled in onsite impoundments contain HEAVY METALS, CYANIDE, and VOCS.

The Group I impoundments contain VOCS such as ACETONE, ETHYLBENZENE, CHLOROBENZENE, METHYLENE CHLORIDE, TOLUENE, and XYLENE at levels up to 130 parts per million (ppm); semi-VOCs such as ACENAPHTHALENE, BENZO(A)ANTHRACENE, FLUORENE, NAPHTHALENE, 1,2-dichlorobenezene, and DIBENZOFURAN at levels up to 10,000 ppm; and inorganics such as CHROMIUM, COPPER, LEAD, MERCURY, NICKEL, ZINC, ARSENIC, and CADMIUM at levels up to 126,000 ppm.

The Group II impoundments contain VOCS such as BENZENE, ETHYLBENZENE, CARBON DISULFIDE, and TOLUENE at levels up to 50,000 ppm; semi-VOCs such as FLUORENE, 1,2-DICHLOROBENZENE, PYRENE, ANTHRACENE, 2-METHYLNAPHTHALENE, and NITROBENZENE at levels up to 13,000 ppm; and inorganics such as ARSENIC, CHROMIUM, COPPER LEAD, NICKEL and ZINC at levels up to 4,490 ppm.

The Group III impoundments contain VOCS such as BENZENE, XYLENE, CHLOROBENZENE, ACETONE, and TRANS-1,2-DICHLOROETHENE at levels up to 82,000 ppm; semi-VOCs such as NAPHTHALENE, FLUORENE, 1,2,4-TRICHLOROBENZENE, 2-METHYLNAPHTHALENE, di-n-octyl-phthalate, 2,6-DINITROTOLUENE, CHRYSENE, and PYRENE at levels up to 420,000 ppm; and inorganics such as ALUMINUM, ARSENIC, CHROMIUM, CYANIDE, ZINC, IRON, MERCURY, and NICKEL at levels up to 230,000 ppm.

Site soils have been found to contain POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS, poly aromatic HYDROCARBONS, and CHROMIUM. On site workers or trespassers may be exposed to contaminants through direct contact with contaminated soils, sludges or ground water. Ground water is not a source of drinking water at this site.