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Superfund Site Report: OMAHA LEAD
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  • Site Description
    Stage of Clean-up: Study Underway

    Conditions at Proposal (February 26, 2002): The Omaha Lead site includes surface soils present at residential properties, child care facilities, schools, and other residential-type properties in the city of Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska that have been contaminated as a result of air emissions from lead smelting operations. The total area of the Omaha Lead site is approximately 8,840 acres. The site is being proposed to the NPL because of the presence of lead contamination in soil at residential properties, child care facilities, schools, and other residential-type properties. The Asarco facility conducted lead refining operations from the early 1870s until 1996 . The Asarco facility is located on approximately 23 acres on the west bank of the Missouri River in downtown Omaha. During the operational period, lead and other heavy metals were emitted into the atmosphere through smoke stacks. The pollutants were transported downwind in various directions and deposited on the ground surface due to the combined process of turbulent diffusion and gravitational settling. In addition, Gould, Inc., operated as a lead battery recycling plant and was considered a secondary lead smelter in the area. The Gould, Inc., plant closed in 1982. Several other businesses in the Omaha area utilized lead in their manufacturing process. Subsequently in 1998, the Omaha City Council solicited assistance from the U.S.  More...
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  • Threats and Contaminants
    Contaminants Detected

    Air Soil Other
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  • Pre-Cleanup Rankings
    EPA Hazard Ranking System scores for OMAHA LEAD:

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    Overall site:
    Soil exposure:

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    *Note: EPA's Hazard Ranking System is designed to screen and prioritize sites for the Superfund program, based on limited data available at time of listing. These scores are not based on a comprehensive risk assessment of the site and do not reflect conditions after initiation of cleanup work.
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  • Site Information
    Site Name: OMAHA LEAD
    EPA ID: NESFN0703481
    OMAHA, NE 68102
    Site Ownership: Unknown
    Category of Site: No data
    Date of Final Listing on the NPL: April 30, 2003
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  • Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Involvement
    Number of PRPs currently associated with this site: Unknown

    List Potentially Responsible Parties identified by U.S. EPA as associated with the OMAHA LEAD Superfund site.
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