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Superfund Site Report: SEYMOUR RECYCLING CORP.
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  • Site Description
    Stage of Clean-up: Construction Completed

    Conditions at listing (October 1981): The Seymour Recycling Corp. Site occupies nearly 14 acres in an industrial park, 2 miles from the center of Seymour, Indiana. The facility, now abandoned, once reclaimed industrial wastes. Operations began in 1969, when the Seymour Manufacturing Co. moved its Chemical Division to land it leased in the industrial park. In 1976, the Chemical Division was incorporated into Seymour Recycling Corp., under the ownership of Seymour Manufacturing. In 1978, the site was sold to Environmental Processing Corp. Because of numerous permit violations, the State closed the site in February 1980. Remaining on-site were about 60,000 drums and 98 bulk storage tanks containing wastes such as solvents, phenols, CYANIDES, acids, and C-56 (a pesticide by-product), as well as hundreds of small containers of hazardous materials, primarily from laboratory operations. Some wastes were highly explosive. Soil and ground water off-site are contaminated. EPA undertook emergency actions beginning in March 1980, using $2 million made available under Section 311 of the Clean Water Act.  More...

    Sources of Contamination:
    • Discharge to sewer/surface water
    • Other
    • Storage - drums/containers of waste
    • Waste tank - above ground
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  • Threats and Contaminants
    The majority of the drums were rusted and punctured, some were missing lids, and a large number leaked. The leaks caused contaminants to cover a widespread area, toxic vapors to be released from the site, and on-site fires. Contaminated soils polluted the aquifers. The shallow aquifer is highly contaminated with various hazardous chemicals including VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCS). Contaminated runoff from the site entered nearby drainage ditches that flow into the White River and then to the Ohio River. Releases of contaminants from the site resulted in fish kills.

    Contaminants Detected

    Air Soil Other
    ARSENIC X   
    CADMIUM X   
    MERCURY X   

    Groundwater and Drinking Water

    Were drinking water wells shut down due to contamination? Yes
    Population served by the wells now shut down: 101 - 500
    Are drinking water wells potentially threatened? Yes
    Population served by the threatened wells: 25 - 100
    Aquifer discharges into: A drinking water aquifer
    Population served by water wells in the aquifer: 501 - 1,000
    List ground water uses.
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  • Pre-Cleanup Rankings
    EPA Hazard Ranking System scores for SEYMOUR RECYCLING CORP.:

    Less Hazard National Average More Hazard
    0%         50%         100%

    Overall site:
    Surface water migration:
    Ground water migration:

    Rank Superfund sites in the U.S., INDIANA, or in JACKSON County by EPA Hazard Ranking Scores.

    *Note: EPA's Hazard Ranking System is designed to screen and prioritize sites for the Superfund program, based on limited data available at time of listing. These scores are not based on a comprehensive risk assessment of the site and do not reflect conditions after initiation of cleanup work.
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  • Site Information
    EPA ID: IND040313017
    Address: G AVE WEST
    SEYMOUR, IN 47274
    Other Names: SEYMOUR
    Site Ownership: Other
    Category of Site: Industrial Waste Treatment
    Date of Final Listing on the NPL: September 08, 1983
    List Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) associated with current and past activities at the SEYMOUR RECYCLING CORP. Superfund site.
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  • Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Involvement
    Number of PRPs currently associated with this site: 405
    Hazardous waste received from off-site generators/transporters? Yes
    Number of past and present PRPs who contributed less than 1% of the waste: 101 - 500
    Number of owners/operators which are also municipalities: 1

    List Potentially Responsible Parties identified by U.S. EPA as associated with the SEYMOUR RECYCLING CORP. Superfund site.
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