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  • Site Description
    Stage of Clean-up: Construction Underway

    Conditions at listing (October 1981): The American CREOSOTE Works Site covers 1.5 acres in Pensacola, Florida, about 0.3 mile north of where Bayou Chico and Pensacola Bay meet. The facility treated wood with CREOSOTE and PENTACHLOROPHENOL (PCP) from the early 1900s to late 1981 or early 1982. PCP-contaminated waste water was discharged into two unlined 80,000-gallon percolation ponds. In February 1981, the U.S. Geological Survey identified phenols in ground water associated with American CREOSOTE Works. No drinking supply wells are within the known zone of contamination. Status (July 1983): In March 1982, American CREOSOTE sold all the equipment on-site and later filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Act. The State has negotiated a Consent Order requiring American CREOSOTE to restore the discharge areas and install on-site monitoring wells. The company constructed higher berms around the ponds to prevent overflow during heavy rainfall.  More...

    Sources of Contamination:
    • Inadvertent spill
    • Lagoon disposal
    • Manufacturing process
    • Storage - finished product
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  • Threats and Contaminants
    Contaminants Detected

    Air Soil Other

    Groundwater and Drinking Water

    Were drinking water wells shut down due to contamination? Yes
    Population served by the wells now shut down: No data
    Are drinking water wells potentially threatened? No
    Aquifer discharges into: Surface water
    Population served by water wells in the aquifer: 0
    List ground water uses.
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  • Pre-Cleanup Rankings
    EPA Hazard Ranking System scores for AMERICAN CREOSOTE WORKS (PENSACOLA PLANT):

    Less Hazard National Average More Hazard
    0%         50%         100%

    Overall site:
    Surface water migration:
    Ground water migration:

    Rank Superfund sites in the U.S., FLORIDA, or in ESCAMBIA County by EPA Hazard Ranking Scores.

    *Note: EPA's Hazard Ranking System is designed to screen and prioritize sites for the Superfund program, based on limited data available at time of listing. These scores are not based on a comprehensive risk assessment of the site and do not reflect conditions after initiation of cleanup work.
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  • Site Information
    EPA ID: FLD008161994
    Address: 701 S J ST
    PENSACOLA, FL 32501
    Site Ownership: Other
    Category of Site: Manufacturing Plant
    Date of Final Listing on the NPL: September 08, 1983
    List Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) associated with current and past activities at the AMERICAN CREOSOTE WORKS (PENSACOLA PLANT) Superfund site.
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  • Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) Involvement
    Number of PRPs currently associated with this site: 2
    Hazardous waste received from off-site generators/transporters? Yes
    Number of past and present PRPs who contributed less than 1% of the waste: 0

    List Potentially Responsible Parties identified by U.S. EPA as associated with the AMERICAN CREOSOTE WORKS (PENSACOLA PLANT) Superfund site.
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