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EPA ID:      NJD011717584

Conditions at proposal (January 22, 1987): Curcio Scrap Metal, Inc., is a small scrap metal yard in Saddle Brook Township, Bergen County, New Jersey. The site is in a small industrial area surrounded by a medium-density residential area. On at least one occasion, the company received a shipment of electrical transformers, salvaging the COPPER and baling the remaining metal. During the cutting of the transformers, OIL containing PCBS spilled onto the ground, according to an inspection conducted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) in September l983. An area covering about 200 square feet was blackened with OIL. Soil from the area contains PCBS, primarily AROCLOR 1260, according to NJDEP. Run-off from the site, taken from a drainage ditch at the rear of the property, also contains PCBS. Site soils are relatively permeable, which facilitates movement of contaminants into ground water. The site is above the Brunswick formation, one of the State's most important and extensive aquifers. The fractures in the aquifer, which is at a depth of about 20 feet, facilitate movement of ground water from the site. About 93,000 people depend on public and private wells within 3 miles of the site as their sole source of drinking water. A private well is about 300 feet southwest of the site. In September 1986, EPA completed a search for companies and individuals potentially responsible for wastes associated with the site and sent them letters requesting information about the site. Status (July 22, 1987): EPA plans to send notice letters to the potentially responsible parties informing them of their potential liability.