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  • Representative Curt Weldon

I have just reviewed data on MALVERN TCE, a Superfund site 
in your district profiled on the Environmental Defense Scorecard at 

Please inform me what you are doing to safeguard our national program
to cleanup hazardous waste sites. First and foremost, it is essential
that Congress refrain from enacting any measure that would undercut
the program's polluter-pays liability structure, or that would weaken
the cleanup requirements.  I strongly urge you to oppose any such
measure that may be introduced. 

I also have concerns about the adequacy of current funding and the
thoroughness of current cleanups. 

On funding, I am concerned that the industries that are responsible
for hazardous waste sites are no longer paying taxes into the Superfund
Trust Fund. Over the last two years, more and more of Superfund's
funding has come from ordinary taxpayers. This year, most of the appropriations
for Superfund come from the general Treasury. This violates the polluter-pays
principle of Superfund taxes that originally helped fund the program.

On cleanups, I am concerned about the over-reliance on "institutional
controls," under which contaminants are allowed to remain at the Superfund
site and the site's use is simply restricted by legal requirements
on paper, such as deed restrictions. Only about 30% of Superfund cleanups
now involve actual treatment.  At a minimum, treatment should be required
for toxic "hot spots" at Superfund sites, and there should be a guarantee
that cleanup activities do not put contamination into currently clean

I look forward to seeing your position on these key Superfund issues.


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