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Land Contamination Report: ST. CHARLES Parish, LA
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    Rank counties in LOUISIANA by number of Superfund sites
    Rank facilities in ST. CHARLES Parish or counties in LOUISIANA by pounds of TRI chemicals released to land
    Rank facilities in LOUISIANA by pounds of TRI chemicals injected underground
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  • Environmental Justice Analysis for ST. CHARLES Parish

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  • Data Summary
    Number of sites on the National Priority List (Superfund): 0
    Number of facilities releasing TRI chemicals to land: 6
    Pounds of TRI chemicals released to land: 5,373
    Number of facilities injecting TRI chemicals underground: 3
    Pounds of TRI chemicals injected underground: 8,090,046
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  • Most Common Contaminants in ST. CHARLES Parish
    Released to land at TRI facilities:  AMMONIA List all
    Injected underground at TRI facilities:  FORMALDEHYDE List all
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