Superfund sites are the nation's worst toxic waste sites: 1,305 are scheduled for cleanup on the National Priorities List (NPL). About 11 million people in the U.S., including 3-4 million children, live within 1 mile of a federal Superfund site and confront potential public health risks. Scorecard profiles the risks these sites pose to public health and the environment. Scorecard ranks sites by how high they scored in EPA's Hazard Ranking System, and states and counties by number of Superfund sites.

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Superfund Sites in the United States

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Superfund Hazardous Waste Sites

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    NOTE: There is limited information about many potentially significant sources of land contamination. Scorecard's profiles of hazardous waste sites are limited to final and proposed sites on the National Priority List (the federal Superfund Program). Numerous other sources of land contamination, such as state superfund sites, brownfields, nonhazardous waste disposal facilities, and other land contamination sources are not currently tracked in national databases. Scorecard includes the most current information available from EPA Superfund Databases, and also presents land release and underground injection data from the Toxics Release Inventory.