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Environmental Release Report: TRANSFER PRINT FOILS INC.
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  • 2002 Rankings: Major Chemical Releases or Waste Generation at This Facility*
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    Total environmental releases:
    Noncancer risk score (air and water releases):
    Air releases of recognized developmental toxicants:

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    *Note: These rankings are based on chemical releases and transfers reported by industrial facilities to the Toxics Release Inventory, and do not take into account major sources of pollution or toxic chemicals that are not covered by TRI.

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  • 2002 TRI Pollution Releases Ranked by Potential Human Health Risks
  • Top Ranked Cancer Risk:no data available
    Top Ranked Noncancer Risk:TOLUENE
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  • 2002 TRI Pollution Releases Sorted by Health Effect*
  • Air Releases
    (Pounds from TRI sources)
    Water Releases
    (Pounds from TRI sources)
    Suspected Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicants 18,424
    Recognized Developmental Toxicants 11,131
    Suspected Developmental Toxicants 10,803
    Suspected Immunotoxicants 11,486
    Suspected Kidney Toxicants 21,934
    Suspected Gastrointestinal or Liver Toxicants 21,934
    Suspected Neurotoxicants 21,934
    Suspected Reproductive Toxicants 18,424
    Suspected Respiratory Toxicants 21,934
    Suspected Skin or Sense Organ Toxicants 21,934

    *Note: Some chemicals are associated with more than one health effect, so their release may be counted multiple times in this table. Therefore, it is not appropriate to sum releases sorted by health effect. Total reported releases to air and water are provided in the data summary below.
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  • What We Don't Know About Chemical Safety and Harm
  • Air Releases
    6 TRI chemicals released to air in the United States lack the risk assessment values required for safety assessment
    218 TRI chemicals released to air in the United States lack the exposure estimates required for safety assessment
    Water Releases
    5 TRI chems released to water in the United States lack the risk assessment values required for safety assessment
    172 TRI chemicals released to water in the United States lack the exposure estimates required for safety assessment
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  • TRI Data Summary
  • Environmental Releases, Transfers, and Production-Related Waste (Pounds from TRI sources)
    Year Air Releases Water Releases Land Releases Underground Injection Total Environmental Releases Total Off-Site Transfers Total Production-Related Waste
    1988 500 0 0 0 500 2,000 NA
    1995 74,257 0 0 0 74,257 465,007 2,197,278
    1996 76,034 0 0 0 76,034 417,259 2,124,055
    1997 65,248 0 0 0 65,248 798,374 1,737,127
    2000 37,924 0 0 0 37,924 488,734 1,630,813
    2001 28,631 0 0 0 28,631 506,221 1,425,018
    2002 21,934 0 0 0 21,934 313,782 1,017,979
    "NA" means that no data are available because "Total-Production Related Waste" was not reported until 1991.
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  • Facility Information
    2002 Facility Name: TRANSFER PRINT FOILS INC.
    Mailing Address: 9 COTTERS LN., EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ 08816
    Public Contact: RICHARD KWINTA
    Phone: (732) 238-1800
    SIC Code: 34 Fabricated Metal Products
    2002 Parent Company: NA
    Latitude: 40.44778
    Longitude: -74.41917
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  • Links

    • See EPA Envirofacts report for this facility for information about regulatory compliance, hazardous waste handling processes, Superfund status, and permitted air and water emissions.
    • RTK NET report for this facility, which includes its complete Form R report to EPA's Toxics Release Inventory

    Scorecard's report for MIDDLESEX County on:

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