POLLUTION LOCATOR|Facility Response to Information Presented on Scorecard

Comment from Facility: POPE & TALBOT INC. HALSEY PULP MILL
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The 1998 Toxic Release submission for Pope & Talbot does not contain a "Form R" for Arsenic, since the actual relase was considerably below the cutoff for submitting one. These submissions are the basis for EPA's Toxic Release Inventory, which is where the Scorecard information comes from.

For the 1997 reporting year, an error was made in calculating Arsenic emissions and a form was submitted. On December 20, 1999, we provided information to EPA with a request to delete our 1997 "Form R" submission for Arsenic, as the emissions are significantly below the cutoff for reporting.

We apologize for the error and hope nobody was needlessly alarmed.

*Please Note: This brief comment was supplied by an authorized representative of the facility. Environmental Defense takes no position on the accuracy of any assertions made by the facility.