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Comment from Facility: SHELL CHEMICAL CO. DEER PARK
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This facility consists of a petroleum refinery and a chemical plant co- located on one piece of property. We are required by law to report TRI emissions combined for the entire facility. TRI emissions from the refinery only should be used to compare against other refineries in the industrial sector. 1996 TRI emissions, separated for the refinery and chemical plant are: Refinery:
Air releases 1,027,000 lbs Ratio to crude capacity: 4.8
Water releases 162,600 lbs Ratio to crude capacity: 0.8
Land releases 7,000 lbs Ratio to crude capacity: 0.03
Total releases 1,196,600 lbs Ratio to crude capacity: 5.6
Offsite transfers 17,900 lbs Ratio to crude capacity: 0.8
Total releases + transfers 1,214,500 lbs Ratio to crude capacity: 5.6
Chemical Plant:
Air releases 1,034,500 lbs
Water releases 700 lbs
Land releases 254,300 lbs
Total releases 1,289,500 lbs
Offsite transfers 11,244,200 lbs
Total releases + transfers 12,533,700 lbs

*Please Note: This brief comment was supplied by an authorized representative of the facility. Environmental Defense takes no position on the accuracy of any assertions made by the facility.