POLLUTION LOCATOR|Facility Response to Information Presented on Scorecard

Comment from Facility: W & W STEEL CO.
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Dear Mr. Pease: The environmental information displayed on the Scorecard web site presents a distorted picture of our company. Your presentation, indicating that W & W Steel Company released 99,531 pounds of toxic material in 1997, is erroneous. The zinc compound reported in our TRI was inorganic zinc dust, a non-carcinogenic material. This product was mixed with a hardening compound, then applied as a protective coating to our structural steel product. The inorganic material left our plant as a steel coating. Nothing was released as implied. Additionally, your web site captions our TRI as stack air or fugitive air release. Again presenting a false picture of our company. W & W Steel Company is a fabricator of structural steel. A steel fabricator purchases steel products from a steel mill. We do not produce steel. We fabricate finished mill steel into structures, such as, office buildings, aircraft hangars, schools and warehouses. Each project is different. Some require protective coatings and some do not. If not for these coatings, we would have no TRI to report. W & W Steel emits no fumes and produces no smoke. W & W Steel has an open door policy to members of the community. Tours of our facility are welcomed. Sincerely, W & W Steel Company Jim Brown, Vice President

*Please Note: This brief comment was supplied by an authorized representative of the facility. Environmental Defense takes no position on the accuracy of any assertions made by the facility.