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At Crystal Cabinet Works, Inc. (Crystal), we are very proud of our environmental and pollution prevention record over the past few years. Since 1994, Crystals production-related waste--the term used by the Environmental Defense Fund to describe the amount of toxic chemicals used at our facility and which includes both air pollution releases and hazardous waste delivered to recycling facilities--has decreased by 65%. Releases of smog-forming volatile organic compounds, a common air pollutant released by the furniture industry, have correspondingly decreased by 68% over the same time period. To facilitate fair and accurate comparison, these statistics have already been adjusted to account for annual changes in production.

In mid-1997, Crystal eliminated the use of dichloromethane, a suspect carcinogen, from our manufacturing processes. Formerly used in a contact adhesive, we were able to replace it with a virtually non-polluting water- based alternative.

In its 1998 Pollution Prevention Evaluation Report to the state legislature, the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance included Crystal as one of the Top Reducers of Environmental Releases from 1995 to 1996. As of 1996, Crystal is no longer considered one of the top polluters in Minnesota. We are proud of our pollution prevention efforts that have allowed us to be removed from this statewide ranking. We will continue to incorporate pollution prevention, resource efficiency, and conservation principles in our current and future business planning activities.

Crystal appreciates the Environmental Defense Funds efforts to inform citizens about environmental releases and the use of toxic chemicals in their communities. We have also we

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