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Comment from Facility: FEATHERLITE INC.
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January 27, 2000

Subject: Response to Environmental Defense Fund Featherlite, Inc., Cresco, Iowa

Environmental Defense Fund:

Your organization listed the subject facility on your WEB site as a top- ten, nationally ranked polluter causing increased cancer risk to neighboring citizens. It is our desire to explain the following:

1. The 1997 Form R report (the source of data used in your report) was based on erroneous facility data that mistakenly grossly over reported chemical releases to the environment.

2. Analysis of the corrected facility data shows that the reporting threshold (for chemicals otherwise used) is not reached. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for this facility to report for manganese, copper, nor chromium.

3. Phosporic acid is no longer reportable because the pH of the solution is greater than 6.0.

4. This analysis holds true for reporting years 1996, 1997, and 1998.

5. By switching to environmentally friendly materials, dichloromethane, and 1,1,1-trichloroethane have not been reported since 1997.

6. Corrected Form R reports are being prepared for signature by Featherlite and submittal to USEPA.

It is regrettable that we made the reporting mistake. Please print a retraction, or otherwise make it known to your constituents and subscribers that Featherlite, Inc. is an environmentally conscious corporation. Featherlite, Inc. is in full compliance with all applicable state and federal environmental regulations.

Sincerely, Nelson Engineering, P.C.

Dick Nelson, P.E.

*Please Note: This brief comment was supplied by an authorized representative of the facility. Environmental Defense takes no position on the accuracy of any assertions made by the facility.