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November 15, 2019

2620 MARION DR.,

Dear Manager:

I just reviewed a detailed, online description of your 
environmental emissions, and I am writing to express several 
important concerns.  First, I understand that you have 
reported to  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that 
your facility emitted:

 262902 pounds of total environmental releases in 2002
 292010 pounds of total production-related waste in 2002.

I also learned that this facility ranks among the worst 
performing facilities 
in the US in regard to its total environmental releases.

I was also surprised to learn that many of the toxic 
chemicals covered by EPA's reporting requirements do not 
have government-established safety levels, making it 
impossible for those of us who may be exposed to know 
whether present-day exposures are safe or not.

As a neighbor potentially affected by emissions from your 
facility, I ask  you to provide me with information showing  
that these chemicals, and other chemicals which your 
facility produces and releases to the environment, are in 
fact safe.

Finally,  I would like information on your efforts to 
prevent pollution in the first place by changing your use  
of these chemicals.  Experience has shown that there are a 
number of process  and product changes that can 
substantially reduce toxic chemical use and the generation 
of toxic chemical waste.  If you do not have any in-house 
expertise in pollution prevention, are you taking advantage 
of state and private technical assistance in this area?

I look forward to your prompt response. The situation 
portrayed by your official reports to the U.S. EPA is not 
reassuring to those of us who are, or may be, affected by 
chemicals that your facility is emitting.


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