POLLUTION LOCATOR|Data Source for Scorecard's Lead Hazard Indicators

Scorecard's data on household and demographic characteristics of communities are derived from the 2000 US Census. Data were collected by asking all households in the United States a limited number of questions about every household member (gender, age, race, marital status) and about the household (monthly housing costs and renter/homeowner status). More detailed data were collected by asking additional questions of a representative sample (approx. 19 million housing units, or 1 in 6 households). To calculate how the characteristics of the sample are distributed across all households and the entire population, the U.S. Census Bureau applied research-based weighting factors (multipliers) to the sample data. Summary File 3 (SF3) contains weighted tabulations of multiple characteristics from the sample data collected by the 2000 Census. The SF3 matrices used to generate Scorecard's risk factors for lead hazards in housing include HCT023, "Tenure by Poverty Status in 1999 by Year Structure Built," and PCT050, "Age by Ratio of Income in 1999 to Poverty Level."