POLLUTION LOCATOR|Remedial Program Managers Survey

The Remedial Program Managers (RPM) database reports the results of a survey administered to EPA Regional Remedial Project Managers during the summer of 1993, under the sponsorship of Representatives John D. Dingell (D-Michigan) and Al Swift (D-Washington). The interviews collected key data on 1,249 final and deleted Superfund sites on the National Priority List as of August 1993. Remedial Program Managers provided insight on projected costs, potential future land use, and additional work to be carried out at the sites. The survey was meant to be used to assess national trends and regional outlooks. No surveys of Remedial Project Managers gathering similar information have been undertaken to date.

The RPM survey is the source for Scorecard's information on (1) whether drinking water wells were threatened or closed in the past due to contamination above health-based levels, and (2) the population served by the closed or threatened wells. These figures are likely to underestimate the number of Superfund sites that have caused contamination of drinking water sources, because the survey has not been updated since 1993, and because possible answers to the question of whether drinking water wells had been shut down or were currently threatened, included "Yes," "No," "Don't Know," and "Skip."