POLLUTION LOCATOR|Ask Your Governor to Take Tougher Action to Control Diesel Emissions

While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recently taken some significant actions to control hazardous air pollution, the magnitude of the health risk from diesel emissions is so large that more stringent action is required. Scorecard's draft action message encourages state governors to crack down harder on diesel emissions using state law.

California has demonstrated that states can do more: California leads the nation in its efforts to control pollution from diesel engines and their associated cancer and noncancer health risks. In September 2000, the state Air Resources Board adopted a comprehensive Diesel Risk Reduction Plan, which adopts a a three-pronged approach that would require use of low-sulfur diesel fuel; retrofitting existing engines with particulate filters; and nearly a 90 percent reduction of particulate emissions from all new diesel engines and vehicles. Fourteen regulatory actions targeting diesel fuel and diesel engines will be initiated in coming years. These include four measures reducing emissions from on-road equipment, four reducing emissions from off-road equipment, and five reducing emissions from stationary and portable engines. There will also be a regulation requiring Phase 2 (low-sulfur) diesel fuel.

Scorecard's draft action message to your governor includes some of these actions, as well as specific recommendations formulated by the state and territorial air pollution program administrators (STAPPA) and the association of local air pollution control officials (ALAPCO).