POLLUTION LOCATOR|Improving the Management of Animal Waste

Scorecard profiles the animal waste produced by livestock operations, or factory farms. The most common methods of treating this waste result in environmental impacts and public health risks. Moving to address these impacts, the USDA and EPA released their Unified National Strategy on Animal Feeding Operations on March 9, 1999. The final plan stops short of implementing the reforms proposed by Environmental Defense and other environmental and community groups. It takes a step toward controlling water quality problems and holds corporations liable for pollution from farms they control, but it does not address groundwater contamination or air pollution or odors from factory farms.

Show your support for a stronger national strategy by sending an email to top EPA and USDA officials, urging them to strengthen the national plan. EPA should follow North Carolina's lead and adopt a temporary national moratorium on new or expanding factory farms until real pollution control plans are put in place.