POLLUTION LOCATOR|Suggestions to Improve Environmental Conditions for Factory Farms

EDF is working at both the national level and in several states to strengthen environmental standards for factory farms. EDF also urges a nationwide moratorium on new and expanding factory farms until effective Federal and state programs are in place to protect air and water quality and rural communities. EDF recommends the following steps to prevent today's problems from getting worse and improve conditions at new and existing factory farms:

1) Enforce existing laws and regulations.

2) Hold all animal owners accountable for any environmental violations.

3) Clean up abandoned manure lagoons.

4) Phase out use of manure sprayfields and anaerobic (oxygen-free) manure lagoons.

5) Control odor and pollution by eliminating atmospheric emissions of ammonia and other offensive gases.

6) End manure runoff and spills that contaminate groundwater and surface water.