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Rank Monitoring Station City ppm
1. 6651 W. Azure Ave Las Vegas.094
2. 7701 Ducharme Ave Las Vegas.093
3. 1301b East Tonopah Las Vegas.092
Ne Of City-12101 Hwy 93/I15 North Las Vegas.092
4. 301 State Street Reno.090
5. 4701 Mitchell Street North Las Vegas.089
T25s R59e S10 Jean.089
3525 N Valadez Street Las Vegas.089
6. 333 Pavilion Center Drive Las Vegas.088
5483 Clubhouse Dr-Winterwood, Las Vegas Las Vegas.088
7. 4525 New Forest Drive Las Vegas.086
8. 103 Highway 95, Searchlight, Nv Searchlight.082
City-Center., Las Vegas Las Vegas.082
750 4th St, Sparks Sparks.082
9. 465 E. Old Mill Road, Mesquite, Nv Mesquite.080
10. Great Basin National Park Lehman Caves National Monument.079
4110 De Lucci Lane, Reno Reno.079
1005 Industrial Road Boulder City.079
11. 545 Lake Mead Dr, Henderson Henderson.076
12. 684a State Route 341 Reno.075
13. Library, 846 Tahoe Blvd, Incline Village Incline Village.073
14. 325 Patrician Dr, Lemmon Valley Lemmon Valley.070
15. 875 East Long Street Carson City.066
Cave Rock State Park - Nv Cave Rock.066