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Recorded Concentrations of Criteria Air Pollutants
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Rank Monitoring Station City ppm
1. Leroy Wood School Fairhaven.117
2. Fox Bottom Area-Cape Cod Nat'L Seashore Truro.110
3. Milton Ma,Blue Hill Observatory Svc Road Milton.109
4. Mt. Greylock Summit Adams.104
5. Long Island Hospital Road Boston.102
6. 390 Parkland Ave. (Lynn Water Treatment) Lynn.100
7. Sunset Boulevard Newbury.099
Anderson Road Air Force Base Chicopee.099
8. Worcester Airport Worcester.089
Harrison Avenue Boston.089
9. Quabbin Summit Ware.084
10. Us Military Reservation - Natick Lab Stow.083
11. North Pleasant St. U.Mass Pathology Dept Amherst.069