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Recorded Concentrations of Criteria Air Pollutants
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Rank Monitoring Station City ppm
1. 13899 W 159th Olathe.106
2. 1902 N 7th Lawrence.099
3. 1210 N. 10th St.,Jfk Recreation Center Kansas City.096
4. 2006 Ottawa Street Leavenworth.094
5. Health Dept., 1900 East 9th St. Wichita.089
6. County Rd 1103 .7 Mi South Of K-52 LINN County, KS.084
7. 707 E 119th St South,Peck Community Bldg SUMNER County, KS.080
8. Co.Fire Station#2 ,200 East 53rd St.Nort SEDGWICK County, KS.077
9. Cedar Bluff Reservoir,Pronghorn & Muley TREGO County, KS.071