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Criteria Air Pollutant Emissions Report: GM POWERTRAIN DIV.
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    Ozone 1-hour average concentration:
    Ozone 8-hour average concentration:
    PM-2.5 24-hour average concentration:
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  • 1999 Emissions Summary
  • (Expressed in tons of pollutant emitted)
    Facility Source Classification Carbon
    PM-2.5 PM-10 Sulfur
    Industrial Processes, Secondary Metal Production 0 0 474.46 766.57 394.34 0
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  • Facility Information
  • NET96 Facility Name: GM POWERTRAIN DIV.
    Address: Unknown
    State: OH
    Zip: 00000
    Applicable Regulations:
    State Implementation Plan
    SIC Code/Description:
    3321/Gray and ductile iron foundries
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