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Use Scorecard to send an email to the top EPA officials responsible for controlling emissions of criteria air pollutants. EPA needs your support to move forward aggressively to ensure that everyone lives in areas where the air quality meets health standards.

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Stephen Johnson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Re: EPA Action to Control Criteria Air Pollutants

Dear Administrator Johnson:

I have just been reviewing data on smog and particulates in my local
air, as shown on Environmental Defense's Scorecard.org, and I am very
concerned.  Decades after passage of the Clean Air Act, pollution in the
air I am breathing is still much higher than it should be. I've learned
that more than 130 million people live in areas where the air is
unhealthy because of pollution. Especially worrisome is the role dirty air
may play in the fast-growing asthma epidemic. Asthma is one of the most
visible impacts of air pollution, and children are the most vulnerable
to its ill effects.  I strongly urge you to focus on bringing all areas
of the U.S. into attainment with our national air quality standards.
This is long overdue.

I also urge you to take strong action against major sources of air 
pollution that have historically escaped controls, such as the diesel 
engines in trucks, construction equipment, boats and trains. While the 
national emission standards EPA has adopted will eventually require steep 
cuts from newly manufactured engines, it will take years to fully realize 
these clean air benefits. The communities living with diesel pollution 
cannot wait the years that will pass before dirty diesel engines are 
scrapped. You need to spur the cleanup of high-polluting diesel engines 
currently in use.  

Finally, I urge your to pursue multi-pollutant reductions in air 
emissions from power plants, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, 
and mercury, as well as greenhouse gases.  We are missing too many
opportunities to simultaneously address the problems of unhealthy air 
in our communities and global warming in our future. 

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