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Send an email to key decision-makers in NORTH DAKOTA. Demand stronger efforts to control mobile, point and area source emissions of criteria air pollutants.

This is an example of the sort of email that you can send from our server. Remember that the service is free. However, you have to register as a Scorecard user in order to send email because otherwise we won't be able to sign your letter. Your letter will be addressed to:

Governor John Hoeven

I have just been reviewing data on criteria air pollutants in my local air, 
as shown on Environmental Defense's Scorecard website (scorecard.org), and 
I am concerned that not enough is being done to get the air clean.

I urge you to take more aggressive steps to bring our state, including our 
cities, into attainment status under the federal Clean Air Act. I also urge 
you to immediately begin taking steps to ensure that our state achieves the 
new health-based national limits on smog and soot, which were unanimously 
upheld by the Supreme Court, so that the residents of our state can be 
protected against the harmful effects of these contaminants. 

I strongly support state adoption of multipollutant reductions from power 
plants.  Power plants are a major source of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, 
mercury, and greenhouse gases, and thereby contribute to serious public 
health and environmental impacts.  Reducing these emissions is a job that 
needs immediate attention and effort. 

Finally, I urge you to express our state's public support for federal emission 
standards to curb the harmful pollutants from nonroad engines, such as 
large diesel-powered construction equipment, industrial equipment and 
commercial marine vessels.  Nonroad engines are major contributors to high 
pollution levels but have had to do little to clean up their emissions.  
Our state on its own initiative can achieve immediate near-term progress in 
cleaning up pollution from large diesel-powered trucks, buses and nonroad 
engines by adopting incentives to support retrofit pollution abatement 
measures and cleaner-burning fuels.  Reducing diesel engine exhaust must be 
a top priority, both for attainment and for reducing air toxics.

Please let me what your administration is doing to further reduce air pollution 
in our state.


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