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Criteria Air Pollutant Report: UTAH County, UT
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    UTAH County
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  • Air Quality Rankings: Health Risks, Exposure, and Emissions
    Cleanest/Best Counties in US Percentile Dirtiest/Worst Counties in US
    0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

    Carbon Monoxide emissions:
    Nitrogen Oxides emissions:
    PM-2.5 emissions:
    PM-10 emissions:
    Sulfur Dioxide emissions:
    Volatile Organic Compound emissions:
    Air Quality Index:
    Ozone 1-hour average concentration:
    Ozone 8-hour average concentration:
    PM-2.5 24-hour average concentration:
    PM-10 24-hour average concentration:
    Person-days in exceedance of national air quality standard for ozone (8-hour):
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  • Environmental Justice Analysis for UTAH County

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  • Health Risks
  • Population Exposed to Unhealthy Levels of Criteria Air Pollutants:

    Pollutant Person-days
    in exceedance
    of NAAQS
        8-hour average 1,194,177

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  • Exposures to Criteria Air Pollutants
  • Nonattainment Status:
    This county is in the Provo, UT nonattainment area for failing to meet the national ambient air quality standard for the following criteria air pollutants:
    1. Carbon monoxide
    This county is in the Utah Co, UT nonattainment area for failing to meet the national ambient air quality standard for the following criteria air pollutants:
    1. PM-10
    Air Quality Index:
    Percentage of days with good air quality:74
    Percentage of days with moderate air quality:25
    Percentage of days with unhealthful air quality for sensitive populations:1
    Percentage of days with unhealthful air quality:0
    Maximum AQI level in 2003147
    Median AQI level in 200341
    90th Percentile AQI level in 200366
    Air Quality Index
    0 - 50 Good
    50 - 100 Moderate
    100 - 200 Unhealthful
    200 - 300 Very Unhealthful
    300 - 500 Hazardous
    2003 Summary of Pollutant Concentrations:
    Pollutant NAAQS
    of NAAQS
    Carbon monoxide
        1-hour average 35 ppm6.9 ppm5.8 ppm 0 3
        8-hour average 9 ppm4.1 ppm3.7 ppm 0 3
    Nitrogen dioxide
        Annual arithmetic mean 0.053 ppm.02 ppm0 ppm 0 1
        1-hour average 0.12 ppm.12 ppm.1 ppm 0 3
        8-hour average 0.08 ppm.1 ppm.08 ppm 3 3
        24-hour average 65 ug/m361 ug/m352 ug/m3 0 4
        Annual arithmetic mean 15 ug/m39.2 ug/m38.6 ug/m3 0 4
        24-hour average 150 ug/m3150 ug/m3118 ug/m3 0 2
        Annual arithmetic mean 50 ug/m325 ug/m323 ug/m3 0 2
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  • 1999 Emissions Summary of Criteria Air Pollutants
  • (Expressed in tons of pollutant emitted)
    PM-2.5 PM-10 Sulfur
    Mobile Sources80,36713,1331,9388,5961,0539,386
    Area Sources11,7621,6843,20911,2898767,342
    Point Sources16,7202,2851,0041,2562,077720
    All sources108,85017,1026,15121,1414,00617,449
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