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Criteria Air Pollutant Report: DILLON County, SC
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    DILLON County
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  • Air Quality Rankings: Health Risks, Exposure, and Emissions
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    Carbon Monoxide emissions:
    Nitrogen Oxides emissions:
    PM-2.5 emissions:
    PM-10 emissions:
    Sulfur Dioxide emissions:
    Volatile Organic Compound emissions:
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  • Environmental Justice Analysis for DILLON County

    View Summary Environmental Justice Report (en español).

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  • 1999 Emissions Summary of Criteria Air Pollutants
  • (Expressed in tons of pollutant emitted)
    PM-2.5 PM-10 Sulfur
    Mobile Sources12,5812,8435302,6941571,296
    Area Sources4,3262396611,4961061,341
    All sources16,9073,0821,1914,1902632,637
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