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Stephen Johnson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Ann M. Veneman, Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture	

Re: EPA/USDA Unified National Strategy for Animal Feeding 

Dear Administrator Johnson and Secretary Veneman:

I am deeply concerned with the growing problem of factory 
livestock pollution and am calling upon the US Environmental 
Protection Agency and the US Department of Agriculture to 
strengthen the newly released Unified National Strategy in 
order to adequately address the impacts of this pollution.  

Factory hog, poultry and other livestock operations produce 
staggering amounts of waste but, unlike other industries, 
have not been subject to adequate federal or state 
pollution controls.  Although the Unified National Strategy 
takes several steps in the right direction - strongly 
supporting integrator liability, and requiring federal 
Clean Water Act permits for the largest animal 
feedlots in all states - it does not go far enough  to 
protect rural citizens and the environment from animal 
waste pollution.  Stronger technology standards for animal 
waste treatment systems are desperately needed now to 
ensure that factory livestock operations in all states 
abide by common sense environmental limits.

The Unified National Strategy for Animal Feeding Operations 
does not address the full range of impacts from animal 
factories.  I urge you to revise the strategy to strengthen 
groundwater protection, to regulate air pollution from 
open-air lagoons and sprayfields, and to require better 
compliance monitoring and oversight.  Factory farms should 
simply no longer be allowed to dispose of animal waste via 
primitive open-air waste lagoons and aerial spray 
application to land.  Finally, and perhaps most 
importantly, we need a temporary national moratorium on new 
factory farms until pollution from existing facilities is 
reduced and meaningful environmental controls are in place. 

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