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Send an email to the Environmental Management Commission to show your support for a new rule to stop air pollution from hog farms. The rule proposes a "nutrient efficiency standard", which is technical language for a rule that would require hog farms to control ammonia nitrogen released into the air that rains back down on nearby waters and lands. Your email will go to the staff person responsible for ensuring your message gets to the EMC members.

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Re: Pollution from factory farms (proposed CAFO regulations)

I have just been reviewing data on the sources and amounts of animal waste 
produced here in North Carolina, as shown on Environmental Defense's 
Scorecard website (scorecard.org), and I am deeply concerned.  

Please continue the effort you started with the Smithfield and Premium 
Standard Farms agreements to ensure that environmentally sound waste 
technologies are used on all hog farms in North Carolina.  Those agreements 
are living proof that open-air lagoons pollute the environment and threaten 
public health unacceptably.

As attorney general, and then as candidate for governor, you pledged to 
clean up factory hog farm pollution and ensure that future pork production 
takes place on an environmentally sustainable basis.  I respectfully urge 
you to:

1. Push for and sign a legislative extension of the current moratorium on 
new and expanded swine operations until lagoons are phased out on all 
existing hog farms in our state.

2. Push for and sign legislation mandating that phase out in North Carolina 
by the year 2005.

3. Push for and sign liability legislation that will hold major 
pork-producing corporations (such as Smithfield and Premium Standard Farms) 
responsible for animal waste spills and other environmental harm from their 
factory farms.

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