Chemical: N-HEXANE
CAS Number: 110-54-3

This is a high volume chemical with production exceeding 1 million pounds annually in the U.S.

Which Industries Use This Chemical? How is the Chemical Used in This Industry?
Adhesives Manufacture Carpet adhesive solvents
Electroplating Electroplating - Vapor Degreasing Solvents
Insulating Materials Electrical Insulation - Gaseous
Laboratory Chemicals Solvents - Dilution
Laboratory Chemicals Solvents - Extraction
Laboratory Chemicals Solvents - Liquid Chromatography
Pesticide Mfg (Insecticides) Solvents - Insecticide Manufacture
Printing Cleaning Solvents - Printing
Printing Solvents for Equipment Cleaning
Wood Stains and Varnishes Varnish Solvents