Chemical: PM 2.5
CAS Number: EDF-213
Chemical Profile for PM 2.5 (CAS Number: EDF-213)

  • Human Health Hazards
    Health Hazard Reference(s)
    Suspected:Carcinogen P65-MC
    Cardiovascular or Blood Toxicant CAA-AQC
    Developmental Toxicant P65-MC
    Reproductive Toxicant P65-MC
    Respiratory Toxicant CAA-AQC
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  • Hazard Rankings
    Less hazardous than most chemicals in 1 ranking system.
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  • Chemical Use Profile
    No data on industrial or consumer use in Scorecard.
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  • Rank Chemicals by Reported Environmental Releases in the United States
    No data on environmental releases in Scorecard.
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  • Regulatory Coverage
    On at least 1 federal regulatory list.
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  • Basic Testing to Identify Chemical Hazards
    Comprehensive evaluation of hazards has been conducted to establish a National Ambient Air Quality Standard.
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  • Information Needed for Safety Assessment
    Lacks at least some of the data required for safety assessment.
    See risk assessment data for this chemical from U.S. EPA or Scorecard.
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