CHEMICAL PROFILES|Worker Exposure Hazard Scores (IRCH)

The IRCH system assigns worker exposure hazard scores between 0 and 50 based on the following algorithm:

Worker Exposure Hazard = (HVhealth x HVexposure) + (2 x HVsafety)

  • HVhealth = health effects hazard score, based on chronic and acute occupational toxicity measures
  • HVexposure = routes of exposure hazard value, based on chemical properties that indicate how exposure will occur (e.g. can the chemical be ingested, what is the ability of the chemical to form dusts or mists, etc.)
  • HVsafety = safety hazard value which considers a chemical's flammability, reactivity, and corrosivity

The IRCH system is the only ranking methods in Scorecard that explicitly looks at occupational hazards. EDF was unable to extend the IRCH system to additional chemicals because the Scorecard lacks some of data elements that are required by this system.

IRCH: Indiana Relative Chemical Hazard Score. Indiana Clean Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute.
Values from Indiana Relative Chemical Hazard Score - CAS Order (Updated 5/22/02)