Is government doing anything to control a toxic chemical? Scorecard tells you if a chemical is covered by federal environmental laws, or by California state laws (because California has unusually effective and innovative laws such as Proposition 65). It also tells you what chemicals are major environmental hazards because they damage the ozone layer, contribute to global warming, or persist in the environment.

Federal Regulatory Program Lists
Established by different federal environmental laws (e.g., Clean Water Act priority pollutants)
California State Regulatory Program Lists
Established by different state environmental laws (e.g., California's Proposition 65)
Environmental Hazard Lists
Established by scientific or regulatory agencies to identify chemicals that harm the global environment (e.g., ozone depleting substances) or specific ecosystems (e.g., hazards to aquatic life)
Target Lists
Established by national or international organizations to identify chemicals whose use should be reduced or eliminated