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Learn how to get the real story on toxics in your community!

Organize a community meeting on toxics!

Act to reduce environmental hazards in your area!

The Scorecard Guide will show you how to get local environmental information, and how to use this information in a community meeting or campaign. It's easy to download and print, so you can read it offline. It's designed so that you can show it to friends or use it as a starting point for a neighborhood group discussion.

There are both English and Spanish language versions of the Guide. To view the Guide click on one of the following icons:

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To download the Guide, you will need to copy it onto your machine or a floppy disk. If you want to download the file, right-click on one of the icons above and select "Save Link As" (on Macintosh computers, click and hold the mouse button and select "Save Link As").

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer to view the file.

Para copiar la Guía en su comptadora o en un diskette, haga clic con el botón derecho del ratón, sobre uno de los símbolos y elija "save link as." (Con una computadora "Macintosh" oprima el botón y elija "save link as.").

Se necesita el programa Adobe Acrobat reader en su computadora para ver la guía.